Theodor Adorno

Adorno (1903 - 69) argued that capitalism fed people with the products of a ‘culture industry’ - the opposite of ‘true’ art - to keep them passively satisfied and politically apathetic.

False needs are cultivated in people by the culture industries. These are needs which can be both created and satisfied by the capitalist system, and which replace people’s ‘true’ needs - freedom, full expression of human potential and creativity, genuine creative happiness.


A sculpture of clear resin revealing within, “designer” perfumes, symbols of Western iconic consumerism, made from Bulgarian roses and re-exported back to their country of origin as a ‘necessary’ product and symbol of success, at an inflated price. 

Resin, smashed perfume bottles, rose petal, rose leaves, perfume packaging, tissue paper, Dior box.

32 mms diameter.

lorraine kordecki
Sofia, Bulgaria. June 2014. 'Waterfest' Exhibition curated by Nia Pushkarova.


University of Reading 

Department of Fine Art

1991 - 1995

Lives & works just outside London